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The Student CEO Summit is an entrepreneurship and innovation conference with a mission to discover, develop and mentor the next generation of globally minded entrepreneurs right from school. STUDENT CEO SUMMIT will help students understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and expose them to the application of principles like savings and investments and essential entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

With most of the speeches and talks being delivered by young, smart and passionate entrepreneurs coupled with case studies and easy-to-apply resources, the STUDENT CEO SUMMIT is set to shift paradigms, challenge the status quo, raise global leaders and business moguls and discover and nurture potentials of the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The Student CEO Summit Campus Host is an initiative of SYENET to identify & build a network of enterprising student leaders and outstanding students in tertiary institutions across Ghana. With a passion to provide the needed support, connection and resources needed for students to excel in their entrepreneurship ventures.

The Selected Student CEO Summit Host in the various institutions will voluntarily be the front line representative of SYENET and will have the oversight responsibility of organizing the Student CEO Summit in their school.

Student CEO Summit Campus Host is an enterprising individual who will head the organization of the Student CEO Summit in their school. This person will work with a team to execute all aspects of the summit with logistics support from the organizers (TANOE/SYENet). The host and their team will be in the running for the Best Host / Best Organizing Team Award at the Student CEO Honors slated for the end of the 100 Schools tour.
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1.Provide a professional portrait picture & short profile to SYENet.
2.Provide current contact number, email and location on Campus to SYENet.
3.Set up and manage a Student CEO Summit Working Committee made up of 5 or more volunteers.
4.Set date for the Student CEO Summit event on Campus.
5.Secure Complimentary Venue for the Student CEO Summit.
6.Plan the outlook of the event alongside the provided Student CEO Summit guidelines.
7.Suggest speakers, panelists and mentors for the Student CEO Summit.
8.Create a whatsapp group for the attendants and interested students to join to facilitate easier communication and relaying of information. Host should at all times maintain a Student CEO Summit whatsapp group of not less than 100 members.
9.Actively publicize the summit on campus and work at getting a high attendance of not less than 50 to the summit.
10.Generate and submit Report of the Student CEO Summit to SYENet no more than 14 days after the event in accordance with the provided report guidelines.


1. Opportunity to host and be the face of Student CEO Summit on your campus .
2. Internship and Networking opportunities with TANOE and The Student CEO Summit Corporate Partners.
3. Mentorship opportunities with TANOE executives, mentors & Summit Speakers.
4. Increase chances of employment or to start a business after school with experience gained.
5. Complimentary tickets and entry to TANOE all year round events & selected entrepreneurship focused events.
6. Employment and Entrepreneurship Development training and Support.
7. Build relevant business & soft skills needed for employment and entrepreneurship.
8. Improve your communication, networking, organising and presentations skills.
9. Opportunity to build job experience & Enhance your CV.
10. Opportunity impact lives of students on campus and beyond .
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10 Obligations of Student CEO Summit Secretariat (SYENet)

1. To provide direction and oversight of the planning and implementation of all Student CEO Summits.
2. To provide all graphics and correspondences needed to secure traction for the event.
3. To provide the branding materials needed for the event .
4. To provide resources and guidelines needed for smooth implementation of host objectives.
5. To secure and provide a database of Speakers and Mentors for host and working committee to select from for their event.
6. To provide supervision over the planning and execution of the event .
7. To ensure and protect the interest of sponsors and collaborators.
8. To ensure the fulfillment of the objectives of the Student CEO Summit.
9. To Ensure the formation of the Crystal Capital Student Entrepreneurs Investment Fund on all affiliated campuse.
10. To provide the needed support and directions to ensure the successful execution of the Student CEO Summit.